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Most people that you approach about our money making club usually have the same reaction and the 1st words out of their mouths will be, Oh! Is this of those Pyramids or Multi Level Marketing Scams? Absolutely not, this is based on a Multi Level Marketing Structure but it is not a SCAM!

This is a Club! A Club for all people that need additional money coming in on a Monthly Basis, who when they join, maybe living from Pay Check to Pay Check and need to supplement their income just to survive. The Simple Success Pro Club is for people would love to have their family live a more comfortable lifestyle.

If you know someone that is having tough times making ends meet in this economy, or know somebody who drives a crappy looking car, or some lady in Wal-Mart with 6 kids hanging on the cart, or the minimum wage gas attendant who pumps your gas, this is a Club they need to join, In fact, I am sure you would not find it to hard finding people who Need More Money, that would be Happy to joining your Group!

This is very simple; all you do is Invite People to Make Money! If they are interested in making more money tell them how simple and inexpensive it is to become a Member of the Simple Success Pro Club and show they how much extra money they could have coming in every month!

Let them know we all work together to make everyone in the Group Money. It's not Hard Work but it is Work! All You Do is Invite People to Make Money! That's It! Just Invite People to Make Money! You tell them if they are interested, go to your website and do the math for themselves. The money that they are adding is their portion of the Club Dues that are being split with other members in their group. The Club Dues to be a Member and to give them the opportunity to Invite People to Make Money is only $9.95 Per Month.

As far as the Multi Level Marketing there are no meeting you have to attend, or Hundreds of Dollars of Products to buy, or Hundreds in start up fees, It's just $9.95 Per Month for as long as you stay a Member. You can cancel your Membership at any time you want. You also have a 30 day Money Back Guarantee. If at any time in the 1st 30 days you decide that this is hard to do and you do not see that you can make money in this Club, you can cancel your membership and 100% of your 1st payment will be refunded.

If you drop out of the Club, anyone you have invited that joined your group will be transferred to the person that referred you. So think about it!

It cost you only $9.95, maybe that's a pack and half of cigarettes or a losing Lottery Tickets you may have purchased or a drink or two at your local Tavern. I don't think that the $9.95 Per Month will really break you and if it does, you really need to join our Super Success Pro Club.

To join just use the Name and ID# of the person who referred you, then chose the name or nick name for your Website that you want. That will direct your referrals to your Simple Success Pro Website.

If you are not interested in Joining because you have all the Money you will ever need then God Bless You. But if you know someone that does need more Money, Please tell them about  The Simple Success is for the ease of this program and the Pro stands for Possible Retirement Opportunity!

Welcome to our Affiliate Membership program!

Q1: How many levels deep does this affiliate program go?
A. Our affiliate program goes 5 levels deep. This means that you will receive payment for each person who signs up below you for up to 5 levels.
This is what you and your referrals will receive:
Item: $9.95 Per Month
Potential Retirement Opportunity Membership
Price: $9.95
You will receive (in ) the following amounts for sales generated by:
You  Level 1 : 1.00
Level 2: 1.00
Level 3: 1.00
Level 4: 1.00
Level 5: 1.00

Q2:  How will I get paid?
A. Payments will be made via Pay Pal. Therefore, you must always ensure you provide the correct email address. We are not responsible if payments do not get to you due to an incorrect email address. Remember to keep your email address up-to-date in the database.

Q3:What is the minimum balance I must get before I can request a payment?
A. The minimum balance before we send out funds is $10. You can view your balance at any time through your control panel.

Q4:What happens if the person I refer doesn't sign up for anything till the next day? Will I still get credit for the Referral?
A. You will still get credit for the sale. When you refer a potential customer, a cookie is stored on their computer. As long as the customer makes a purchase within 30 days of clicking on your link, you will be credited the appropriate amount. This is also the case if another affiliate signs up under you.

Q5: How long before funds are deposited into my account?
Since we can never be too sure of invalid purchases, we only credit affiliates accounts 14 days after the purchase is made and the sale is finalized.

Q6:  How long before I can start earning money?
You can start earning as soon as you sign up. You will receive all the link code you will need to refer customers and affiliates alike to us immediately.

General information?
This will really work if you work it! Just ask people to join your group. Keep it Simple. Just explain how easy it is to make money with this plan. Have them visit your website to do the Math for themselves. If they need money they should give it a try. If they are not interested that's okay too! Just keep asking people that need money to make money by joining your group and have them to do the same.

Now that's Incredibly Simple
Join and Start Your Own Group Today!